Artist & Teacher (CTL) of Art & Photography

Heidi Ann Cohen (Bell)


These recent artworks illustrate where I live, my love for nature and a passion for sailing.


My work are all expressions of the weathering elements of the earth, sea & wind. The power of 'mother nature' echoes in me when I work.


6 Metres - acrylic on driftwood ply

*All images on website are:- subject to all design rights reserved by Heidi Ann Cohen - May 2016. Each canvas is either one metre high or width. Each piece ranges from £260 to £425 depending on the time taken to produce. The artwork has been developed over the past 12 years from personal experience of the sites, observed over different seasons, time - light conditions and weather.

Squad Life 2015 Kings Stanley Vale Abstract Pebble Collage Print2 Rodborough Fort May 2016 Coaley Peak Picture Old Harry Rocks Rory & Sam 29er Rory & Sam 29er